Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place of peace and rest.

Our bedrooms are designed to be both Chic and Tranquil.

Using beautifully patterned wall coverings and fanciful furniture ideas, our rooms will whisk you away to another world, where you will rest easy.

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Textured wall coverings, wall mounted bedheads and mood lighting, all play a part in creating restful sanctuaries.

We have optional floor coverings, for you to choose from. Along with Fitted wardrobe options.
Each room is wired to suit your needs, or requests, with bedside electrical plugs and charging points.
Choose to have en-suite connected, or bedrooms only.
Each bedroom pod is designed to fit with and connect to our other modular rooms.
Decide to start with just one, then add more on. as your family grows.
Each room is future proofed for expansion and engineered into the frame. The room is delivered fully finished and will take just a day to be connected and finished for you to start enjoying it.