About Us

Shirebridge Homes


Shirebridge Homes is an alliance of like minded people, wanting to make a real difference in the housing market.

We aim to give people more affordable options, without compromising on Quality and Style.

The housing shortage has created a tsunami of people wanting affordable, comfortable homes. We began importing static caravans, first for ourselves to live in, after losing our own home in the earthquakes.

Unfortunately, like so many others we soon found out first hand, that homes on wheels, don’t meet council standards. The council had been turning a blind eye for years, to people living on camp sites long term.

Because of the recent surge in people finding their own solutions, Councils have now started to clamp down on non compliant homes, with many people are finding out the hard way.

All of our homes are built to exceed the NZ building codes to ensure your home will meet council regulations.

After many meetings with Councils, Politicians, Designers, Architects, suppliers, small house dwellers, Tiny Home owners and new small to medium sized home seekers.

We believe we have created the perfect solution, which will keep everyone happy. Homes that are built to exceed the NZ building codes, can be transportable and are smaller for those wanting to lower their economical, ecological, environmental footprint.

Smaller doesn’t mean living in cramped conditions, or compromising on quality, or style, or security.